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It is obvious that the aerial photography by drone is a most for your film or photographic production. Allowing you to situate the environment in a spectacular way, it especially adds a cinematographic effect thanks to its fluid movements and its unique point of view.


Nwes Productions takes particular care to comply with the legislation for its drone flights. This is why we are an operator declared and approved by the DGAC. Our Special Activities Manual (MAP) is constantly updated. Our insurance covers us for this activity. All our drone flight missions are declared and subject to authorization.


To preserve your safety, Nwes Productions reserves the right to refuse a take-off if the weather, the place, the conditions or anything that we consider unsuitable for the flight occurs on the day of the shoot.


Learn more about the legislation: discover our blog article.


With dozens of flight hours to our credit and missions carried out throughout France and in more than 20 foreign countries, our expertise in drone piloting is constantly developing.


Trusting Nwes Productions to produce your aerial drone images is above all sharing an artistic, technical and strategic experience to boost your communication.



Whether in photo or video, the drone shots can be adapted to all your projects: real estate, events, tourism, public works / construction monitoring, corporate film, advertising, clip, short or long- footage.



Telepilots at Nwes Productions are all professionals and hold the Drone Pilot Certificate (permit) issued by the DGAC.


We attach considerable importance to the aesthetics of our images, which is why all our telepilots certify artistic skills allowing them to take fluid and original shots. We are currently using a DJI Mavic Pro Platinium drone which replaced our old DJI Phantom 4. Its ergonomics allow us to easily take it in all our projects and its stabilized 4K sensor achieves high quality images.


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